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Shortly about the coin

Genom focuses on the problem of creating a secure payment environment for everyday use. In modern times, not all systems can boast of the speed of transaction processing, which critically affects the payment characteristics. In today's cryptocurrency market, the speed of transactions affects a lot. Stores do not use cryptocurrency because during the transfer of money from the user to the seller passes enough time to the price could change significantly. Few people use cryptocurrencies because of the long processing time and fear of losing money capital. Our currency is designed to eliminate this shortcoming.

Genom team

Dev core - Mikhail (Gy9vin)

Web dev - Ruslan (Gumko)

Desinger - Vladislav


Due to the difficulties of entering the stock exchange, we are forced to ask for help from the community. As many know, you need to pay to enter the exchange. Previously, there were acceptable prices, but with the growth of the market, the growth rate and the prices for entering the stock exchanges. At the moment, the exit on the stock exchange is at least 0.7BTC. Free listings do not pass and many exchanges say that you need a community of a couple thousand people.

Therefore, we created a BTC wallet for donations to the stock exchange:



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